Your Investment

An MBA degree is one of the best investments you can make in your future, and that investment begins with the time and energy you devote to gaining admission to a top-ranked business school. Tyler works with only a handful of clients each application season, so he'll be fully-invested in your success.

There are three different ways to engage Tyler's help with your MBA application campaign:

School Success Package - This is an all-inclusive package and is best for clients who want start-to-finish guidance with applications to two or more top business schools, including resume editing, recommendation letter guidance, essay strategy, essay editing, application form guidance, and interview preparation.

Hourly Admissions Consulting Packages - Hourly packages are best for clients who want help applying to only one or two schools or who are in need of targeted assistance on specific areas of their MBA applications.

Interview Success Packages - Our interview packages are for clients who want to ace their upcoming MBA admissions interview. The package includes a 30-minute mock interview followed by an in-depth critique of the content, structure, and delivery of your responses.

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School Success Packages                                              

We begin with a series of proprietary application strategy exercises that will identify the strengths, stories, and career goals that will serve as the building blocks of your successful MBA application campaign. We then work with you over a two to three month period to perfect every element of your MBA applications. The package includes the creation of an overall application strategy, school selection, resume editing, recommendation letter guidance, essay strategy, essay editing, application form guidance, and admission interview preparation.

  • An exclusive service limited to only 10 clients each application round.

  • The packages cover comprehensive support for a set number of schools. Additional schools may be added to the package for $2,000 per school after the project has begun.

  • A $750 per school surcharge will be added to school packages that include Harvard and/or Stanford based upon the more rigorous demands of applying to those programs.

  • A bonus is awarded to the consultant when clients are admitted to one or more of the schools in the package. Learn more

2-School Success Package                           $7,495

3-School Success Package                           $8,995

4-School Success Package                           $9,995

Hourly Admissions Consulting Packages

Let us design a tailored package of admissions consulting services to meet your specific needs. We will help you improve your resume, craft your application essays, or navigate a challenging issue that might stand in the way of your acceptance letter. You are in control of the number of hours and the project's areas of focus. With a minimum purchase of three hours, we will define the scope of the project based on your needs. 

3-Hour Package                                            $1,425

11-Hour Package                                           $4,950 (Save $275)

Note: Hours purchased are retained and available for 60 days from the date of purchase. Additional hours may be purchased at the effective hourly rate of the package. We are unable to refund unused hours.

Interview Success Packages                

This package includes a proprietary MBA admissions interview video series that will tell you what to expect and teach you how to develop a winning interview communication strategy. Interview preparation culminates in a mock interview, which simulates an actual admissions interview for one school. Immediately following the mock interview session, we provide you with detailed feedback that will allow you to improve upon your interview message, content, style, and delivery.

Standard Mock Interview                              $695

HBS or Stanford Mock Interview                  $995